MLAs Support Butthead

MLA's support the Butthead program!

Join the Winning Team... Don't Play for Team Butthead!

For the past 8 year's Butthead has been travelling throughout the Northwest Territories, making a fool out of himself and educating our youth on the truth about tobacco.

Principals Conference 2013

Prinicpals join the Butthead team..and encourage you to say NO to tobacco!  

NWT Health Centres go smoke free!

Change is in the air! Stanton Territorial  Hospital in Yellowknife went tobacco free on it's grounds in February 2012.

World No Tobacco Day Scavenger Hunt

Students in Fort Simpson took part in a scavenger hunt on May 31, 2013 for World No Tobacco Day.

World No Tobacco Day

 WHEN: May 31, 2013 - World No Tobacco Day
 WHERE: The Great Hall of the Legislative Assembly, Yellowknife 

Pets suffer from secondhand smoke

As you know smoking is bad for you, but it is bad for your pets too. Pets breathe in  smoke and sometimes they eat  cigarette or cigar butts which contains thousands of toxins.

Ireland is the second country to announce plain packaging

 By 2014 Ireland will become the second country in the world after Australia to promote plain packaging for cigarettes.
So why is this a big deal?

Birds are using cigarette butts in their nests

Although cigarette butts left on the ground are a nasty problem, the birds are seeing this issue differently!

Social media is helping Indigenous youth to butt out

 On May 31, 2012 World No Tobacco Day, was launched. Smoking in Indiginous communities has become normal. Smoking in cars, smoking while pregnant and smoking around children is something you see all the time.