Upcoming Events

National Addictions Awareness Week

Event date: November 18, 2013

Join the Butthead team November 18-24 in our fight to educate our youth on the risks of tobacco use. 
Schools, you can use your new Butthead lifesize cutouts to help educate your students on the facts. Consider writing a new fact about the risk of tobacco use every day this week...

National non-smoking week

Event date: January 19, 2014

Join the Butthead team in the stand against tobacco use. Take the opportunity to help someone make the choice to quit or educate someone on the dangers associated with tobacco use. 
National Non-Smoking Week (NNSW) has been observed for more than 30 years. It is one of...

World No Tobacco Day

Event date: May 31, 2014

Join the Butthead team and the World Health Organization in celebrating World No Tobacco Day.
Bans on advertising, promotion and sponsorship are one of the most effective ways of reducing tobacco consumption. As more countries make progress towards implementing complete bans,...