Butthead TV

You might have noticed that Butthead’s been away for a while. He’s  back, and the campaign is better than ever. This year’s campaign includes five fun new activities that teach kids about the dangers of smoking. 

‘Get Reel’ ad competition

For years, students in the North have been asked to judge professional anti-smoking ads through our Smoke Screening program. Last year we invited students to shoot and edit their own ads to share with their peers across the North. We got over 70 submissions! The top ads from each territory won great cash prizes!  Here is the winning NWT ad and runner ups from last year's Get Reel contest.

2011 -12 ‘Get Reel’ contest

Our Future

NWT Winning Ad by Sir Alexander Mackenzie School.

Nothing to Hide

Runner up ad by St. Patrick High School.

The Addiction will get the best of you

Runner up ad by Princess Alexandra School.

Other anti-smoking videos

Second hand smoke

Kids ask for light in 'best ever' anti-smoking ad

second hand smoke

You Smoke I choke

Funny anti-smoking commercial

Stop smoking around me

second hand smoke with Lego etc.

Farting and Smoking

Knuckle’s Story

Smoke Screening program

Emphysema - Smoke Screening 8 Winning Ad

The Smoke Screening program gives students a chance to view 12 of the best tobacco education ads from around the world, and then select the one they feel is the most effective to prevent youth from starting to use tobacco in the first place or convince them to quit if they are already using it. Students vote on ballot forms that are counted across all 3 territories. This was the winning ad as chosen by students in all 3 territories.

Grade four drawings

3000 kids start smoking

Smoke Screening

Runner up ad by Jean Wetrade Gameti School.

He swallowed it.

Funny anti-smoking ad featuring a dog